Some New Options Offered for the Sailing of Junior

One of the most important goals of the programs of the sailing of junior should retain kids for some long enough time for them in order to develop a passion for this sport and an individual desire to be continued. Far away from that often, however, before that thing takes place kids are now asked to spend a lot of time i.e. years in boats and that should not align with their version of pressure and fun in order to “succeed” comes very soon. The present recipe of junior sailing…Continue reading Some New Options Offered for the Sailing of Junior

Youth Wins WLV Yacht Club Regatta

The Westlake Yacht Club sailing team junior division visited Dana Point in recent times to take part in North America Tera Championship. On 4th and 5th of August, the sailing competition was held in Open Ocean with wind conditions being moderate to good and light winds followed the next day. The team of Westlake included 4 juniors and sailed brilliantly against the strongest sailors from the West. Around 3 qualifying races were hosted on 4th August to segregate the participants into Silver and Gold fleets. These 2 fleets took part in 5 races next…Continue reading Youth Wins WLV Yacht Club Regatta

New York Striving Hard To Get Back America’s Cup

Former Team of NZ tactician ‘Terry Hutchinson’ is bringing the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) back into the fray of the America’s Cup. He tells what he thinks of the “beast” of a boat he’ll sail on, and why he must make this Cup count. The skipper of the New York Yacht Club’s Terry Hutchinson, challenge for the America’s Cup, knows that this is possible that his last shot at capturing Holy Grail of sailing.

Navetta 33 Yacht Introduced

The latest Navetta model which is a Custom Line’s is a new chapter in the conventional clunky navetta design. The new Navetta 33 Custom Line’s Superyacht is going to make its public debut in July 2017 at an event. The event is for the owners and it is called as “Midsummer Dream” in Ibiza. The yacht 108-foot long it has got its name Navetta because of its being one of the super yachts made for blue water. Navetta is an Italian word for a Bluewater cruising yacht of a specific…Continue reading Navetta 33 Yacht Introduced